ASCO Manual and Automatic Transfer Switches


We carry a full line of ASCO Transfer Swtiches.

For more than 100 years, ASCO has provided the most complete and reliable lineup of Manual and Automatic Transfer Switches. Whether your application is a house or a hospital, ASCO products will ensure that you never lose power, even for one minute. Trust ASCO to keep you running through storms, blackouts, and power interruptions.

ASCO Series 300 Power Transfer Switches

• Residential, Commercial, & Industrial

• 30A – 3000A

• Cost Effective and Fast Shipping

• Open & Delayed Transition

• Manual, Automatic, Service Entrance

ASCO Series 7000 Power Transfer Switchesasco #2

• Critical Power Facilities

• 30A – 4000A

• Open, Delayed, Closed Transition

• Manual, Automatic, Service Entrance

• Bypass‐Isolation

• 12, 18, & 30 Cycle Ratings