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Critical Power Resource Recovery

Critical Power Products & Services LLC provides complete data center asset resource recovery services. Resource recovery is the action of reclaiming equipment and materials that were previously thought of as unusable, and turning them into working and functional assets again.

Part of the Critical Power Products & Services promise is to remain community-focused and fill the needs of those who need these mission-critical equipment’s the most. We have been upholding this promise for over 20+ years, and have assisted hundreds of customers with the removal and disposal of outdated or obsolete equipment within their facilities.

The mission-critical data equipment that you may not need can become an extremely valuable asset to another company in need. Critical Power Products & Services will remove, clean and refurbish your outdated equipment so that someone else in need can afford this critical product.

Other traditional companies gather this outdated and obsolete “waste materials” to landfills or incinerators. Critical Power Products & Services, on the other hand, uses resource recovery to bring out the life and value that is still in those equipment materials.

Whatever the project, we can provide turn-key solutions for the most complex environmental projects. Our specialized teams of uninstallers and riggers can conduct an on-site facility walk-through to create a step-by-step plan for the removal of your assets. We can then work with you to plan the exact details of the decommission so you are completely in the know. This “site survey” consultation insures that all precautions are taken into consideration to assure safe and secure conditions during the duration of the project.